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49th District Special Election

Vote for Your 49th District Assemblyman on February 15th

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Burton Brink is our candidate for California State Assembly in the 49th District. You may not know this but there is a critical Special Election on February 15 to choose our next state legislator. Sacramento tried their best to sneak this election by you, so that you wouldn't have a say. Let's send a message to Sacramento that we are awake, we are aware, and we have something to say.

Burton has served the San Gabriel Valley for almost 40 years, including 29 years with the LA County Sheriff's Department, retiring as a Sergeant. If you're looking for a strong leader with the experience needed to keep our neighborhoods safe, put families first - not violent criminals, restore parental rights, keep our economy open, and defend your personal freedoms, Burton Brink is your guy.

Burton is urgently asking you to return your ballot by February 15, and he humbly asks for your vote and support. Go to www.BurtonBrinkCA.com today, donate and volunteer today!

Recall LA District Attorney: George Gascon

Recall Efforts Planned to Resume in Early 2022

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From earlier efforts to recall Gascon going under due to issues regarding the recall process and the results of the recall election of Gavin Newsom, new efforts to recall Gascon are planned to begin in early 2022. Based on Gascon's failures and work against the citizens he is expected to protect, the goal is to remove him from his seat of power.

According to a spokeswoman for Recall Gascon Now, over 31 different city councils within the county have voted against Gascon with a vote of no confidence. With the fight against Gascon, the recall is not a partisan issue as both sides need to come together to remove this District Attorney who would rather help criminals than help their victims' families recieve some form of justice.

A Note From Arcadia Republicans: When new petitions are available, Arcadia Republicans will have them available for signing. Petitions may be available by February, so please call our office for the current status.

To learn more, please read the article here or check out the website of Recall Gascon Now.

Headquarters Happenings

Fall 2021

With election year 2022 right around the corner and hopefully an end to some of the current restrictions that we have been plagued with for over a year now, there is hope for events hosted by Arcadia Republicans and debates over the numerous propositions and petitions that are set for the midterms. Additionally, as the website is now at an official web address, we'll keep you up to date with different issues, event dates, and endorsements of different movements, propositions, and petitions.

Looking back at everything that has happened in the past twelve months paints a grim picture of the current state of America. From the 2020 election showing a number of election irregulatrities to a President who is not up to the task due to having, from a growing consensus, Dementia. Rioting and looting occuring throughout the country due to "racial injustice" that is not due to race, but due to the actions of the perpetrators. All under the watchful eye of the heads of the GOP who have chosen to do nothing and sit idly by as they already have their seat in Congress and would prefer to fill themselves up with cash and footage for their next campaign rather than actually help their constituents.

There is still hope as we have seen through different court cases and judges standing up to defend the rule of law and the Constitution from those wo would rather light it on fire and erect a country based on the flawed principles of the ideology of socialism and communism. As Americans, we must stand up against tyranny and fight for our freedoms. Our rights are not given by the government; all of our rights are listed in the Constitution, but they are god given rights that all human beings should have. It is time to fight with words, laws, and stand for what we believe in as Americans.

The Results of the Recall Election

Newsom's Failed Leadership Continues

carldemaioCA. (2021, February 22). Recall Gavin Newsom [Video]. Youtube.

The recall election against Governor Gavin Newsom took place on September 14th, 2021 and gave voters the first choice of whether or not to recall the governor and then the second choice of choosing who should take his place. With his term as governor thus far, he has failed Californians and has led to a record number of citizens leaving the state so they can live without worry of his tyrannical rules and hypocrisy.

Through giving millions of dollars to a bullet train to nowhere and raising prices on gas every year through a gas tax, Newsom has financially abused the citizens that he is supposed to support and serve. Governor Newsom has let out thousands of inmates into our peaceful communities through changes in the punishments for a variety of crimes while raising the minimum limit so that they can only recieve a slap on the wrist and commit more crimes once freed. Additionally, Newsom has prevented lawsuits against PG&E, an electric company responsible for a number of fires due to their fault equipment, while allowing the power grid to become unsustainable as nuclear energy has essentially become unusable in California due to serveral regulations.

From the recall election, Newsom won and used his politcal capital to turn the recall election into a republican versus democrat mess. We must not re-elect Newsom as governor in 2022 and instead stand up for the state of California and what we believe in. Together, we must aim to vote in a governor who does not want to follow in Newsom's footsteps or destroy this state even more than he did.

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