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"Repeal the Death Tax"

Howard Jarvis Tax Association (HJTA)

Per the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA):

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California’s leading taxpayer advocacy group, has filed an initiative with the Office of Attorney General that will restore the right of parents to transfer their home and limited other property to their children without reassessment to market value.

The “Repeal the Death Tax” initiative will restore the provisions of two voter-approved initiatives that were erased by Proposition 19 in 2020. Many voters did not realize that Prop. 19 removed protections from reassessment that had been in place for nearly 35 years.

HJTA’s initiative will restore Prop. 58, approved by nearly 76% of voters in 1986, which created the parent-child exclusion from reassessment when property is transferred between generations. It will also restore Prop. 193 (1996), which extended the same rights to grandparents and grandchildren if the children’s parents were deceased.

Petitions are available at the ARI office or can be filled out by downloading the official petition here. Follow the instructions in the document and then return the filled out petition (page 5) to the HJTA or to the ARI office for collection.

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Petition to Recall George Gascon

The Committee to Recall LA DA George Gascón has filed a complaint in the LA County Superior Court against the registrar-recorder for their actions that stymied thye review of signatures and forcing the committe to obtain a court injunction to gain even a small bit of reasonable access. Additionally, the registrar-recorder's office applied various incorrect rejections (such as "different addess" for correctly matching addresses or saying a voter wasn't registered while they had been registered for five to 20 years), required a higher number of signatures due to bloated voter rolls, and applying unconsitutional review standards to at least 5,597 signatures.

Howard Jarvis Tax Association (HJTA) - “Repeal the Death Tax”

The HJTA has filed an initiative to restore the provisions of other voter-approved initiatives that were erased in 2020 with the passage of Prop 19. Their initiaive will recreate the parent-child exclusion in property transference between generations and restore the same rights to grandparents and grandchildren in cases where the parents are deceased. Signature collection is likely to begin in August. If you wish to read more about the initiative, HJTA goes over it in more detail in their press release.

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